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Register to attend MBU Leadership Academy. Drop your Scout off at MBU and spend your day improving your unit leadership skills. We're offering 19 classes to leaders and volunteers at all program levels. 

We teach over 90 merit badges at MBU! Find out what badges are being offered, learn the prerequisites and more. Oh, and you're in the right spot to register, too. 


Three Fires Council 

Merit badge University

February 17, 2018

York community high school, elmhurst, illinois

It takes over 600 volunteers to make MBU a success. Join our team and help Eagles soar!

Webelos may now attend Merit Badge University! They can’t earn badges just yet, but they can get the whole MBU experience through our Webelos Academy. Your 4th grade Webelos may choose from 3 awesome Webelos Adventures and complete 2 in a single day. Your 5th grade Webelos may register for First Class Trail – a day-long event learning and practicing critical Scoutcraft skills that will speed their advancement to the First Class Rank as they cross over into to Boy Scouts.  Check out the Course Catalog, pick your classes and register today. 


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