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With over 90 merit badges at MBU there's something you'll be interested in. A Scout may take as many classes as time allows. Keep in mind that some classes require multiple periods and have age and rank restrictions - especially Eagle badges. Check out the Class Catalog and Class Schedule - then start your registration.

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Nearly ALL of our merit badges have prerequisites. Very few MBU merit badges may be completed in a single class period. Start working on your pre-reqs as soon as you decide to take one of our classes. Review the Class Catalog for what to bring to class and which pre-reqs are needed to complete your badge at MBU.

January 2, 2017 - Registration opens

February 9, 2017 - Last day to register

February 18, 2017 - MBU

February 18, 2017 - TFC Training Expo

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Registration opens on January 2, 2018.

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Then Three Fires Council Adult Training Expo is for you. Drop your Scout at MBU and head over to Elmhurst College. Choose from 20 essential and informative classes taught by our awesome volunteer cadre. Registration is now open!